I hope that you enjoy viewing my photographs; captured along the 45th Parallel, throughout the Leelanau Peninsula, as well as some images taken north of the Parallel. Thanks for stopping by! Jeff

Guestbook for Life On The 45th Parallel
Great work !! 45th Parallel is amazing place. You have very original style of taking pictures, I do really love them. Keep adding some fresh stuff in here. Greatings from Denmark
Really amazing gallery. You have many brilliant pictures in here. Greatings for "Life On The 45th Parallel"
Spectacular gallery. I wish I had only half the talent displyed here :)
10.JOHN MC NAMARA(non-registered)
As a nature photographer myself, I stop by and visit your website periodically.
I too am a native of Michigan and have spent numerous summers in the Glen Arbor.

Keep up the good work, and enjoy your vision of the years to come.
great gallery.